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Company Culture

Company Culture

We make Printing Painless!

We feature a complete "in-house" production center. We offer multi-color (including 4-color process) offset printing with quick turnaround.

Of course our printing is done using soy and vegetable based inks on recycled and FSC certified papers whenever possible. We even have a resource for biodegradable banners when you need them for a trade show!

High speed digital color copies for your high volume jobs such as brochures, training manuals, postcards or small posters. A black and white digital copy machines for things like booklets or training manuals. And an HP ink jet large format printer for posters or banners up to 42" wide. All you have to do is send us your file and we will deliver your job to your door!


We are "connected" meaning we are connected to the internet; we send and receive data files and accept PC or MAC files, and are very good at what we do.

We value our customers and we will do anything to keep our customers happy.

Minuteman Press San Mateo began in the Spring of 1987.

Minuteman Press - San Mateo opened for business in March 1987. We started in a space of 1800 square feet. In the meantime we grew, changed our working processes, recycling habits and got smarter about the way we do business. As of January, 2007, we occupy a location on North Amphlett Blvd in San Mateo where we have landed, with bigger digs and better equipment to serve you. We are here to stay.....

Why do we choose Green?

Historically, the print industry has never been known to be eco friendly. Personally, we have always had a place in our hearts for conservation and not wasting precious natural resources. During the summer of 2006, Linda went on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon and had an epiphany. Why don’t we match how we feel about the planet to the work we do? We moved our shop in January, 2007. At that time we put a stake in the ground to “go green”.

What are we doing?

We made a huge dollar investment to improve the equipment we use:

Artwork - We made a significant investment in a digital plate maker. This cuts the chemical waste out of the entire process eliminating any kind of problems with film needed to go to print.

Energy- Our new location has skylights that supplement light fixtures.
Replaced inefficient lighting with T-8 light fixtures.
On the hot days of summer our roll up door is at half mast.

Ink- We use Soy and Vegetable based inks.

Waste- We have reduced the amount of garbage that gets sent to the landfill by recycling paper, bottles and cans and donating paper to local schools and organizations.

What we offer?

We offer green solutions for digital, 2 and 4-color offset printing with complete bindery, direct mail and fulfillment services. We love what we do at Minuteman Press – San Mateo bringing our knowledge, passion and pride of ownership in a green and sustainable environment. Of course, our printing is done using soy and vegetable based inks on recycled and FSC certified papers whenever possible. We even have a resource for Bio Degradable Banners when you need them for a trade show!
Give us a call or come on by, we would love to chat with you about how we can help green your marketing or operational printing or promotional items!